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In October 1999, Dr SS Bhatti, founder-teacher and former Principal, Chandigarh College of Architecture, established what he calls “A Platform of the Youth, by the Youth, for the Youth” as an ART NURSERY FOR INTERACTIVE PROPAGATION OF…

Speakers and Topics from 2000 to 2013

SR. NO. TOPIC SPEAKER VENUE DATE REMARKS 2000 to 2004 1 Myths in Northern Art Raja Jai Krishan IndusInd Bank Art Gallery 28.04.2000 2 Devi in Contemporary Art Deepa Bajaj IndusInd Bank Art Gallery 19.05.2000 3 History of…

Insignia Explained

The  PURPOSE of First Friday Forum and the Meaning of its INSIGNIA. FIRST FRIDAY FORUM functions as An Art Nursery for the Propagation of Creativity, Culture, and Civility. The Three Fs stand for: Fast Forward to Fullness. There are Three…

About The Founder

  • Born in Amritsar on 24 June 1938, Dr (urindera) (ingh) Bhatti is India’s most versatile professional, nicknamed “Chandigarh’s Mr Versatility” by Chandigarh Newsline of The Indian Express.
  • He pursues 55 disciplines/subjects, namely, Architecture; Art; Poetry; Criticism; Aesthetics; Engineering; Vocal Music; Musicology; Comparative Religion; Mysticism; Geography; Philosophy; Sociology; Mythology; Planning; Creative Writing; and so forth.
  • He holds three PhDs:
    • CHANDIGARH and the Context of Le Corbusier’s ‘Statute of the Land’: A Study of Plan, Action, and Reality” [1991];
    • CREATIVE MYSTICISM: A Study of Guru Nanak Bani with special reference to Japuji” [2000];
    • SRI HARMANDAR SAHIB: A Study of Architecture, Engineering, and Aesthetics” [2008].
  • He won the Fifth JIIA [Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects] National Award for Excellence in Architecture [Research Category] for his first PhD in 1993.
  • His second PhD was honoured by Guru Har Krishan Educational Society, Chandigarh, as the Best Doctorate done in 2000 at the Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies, Panjab University.
  • He took his B.Arch. degree from Sir JJ College of Architecture, University of Bombay, in 1960. His Masters in Architecture [M. Arch.] research thesis done in 1983 from The University of Queensland, Australia, has made Chandigarh’s Rock Garden [with which he had been associated since 1973] known throughout the world.
  • He hails from a family of architects, artists, artisans, builders, and craftsmen, associated with the art and science of Building Design since Aurangzeb’s times. His ancestors built the Badshahi Masjid in Lahore during the Mughal emperor’s reign (1659-1707 CE).
  • His father Sardar Balwant Singh Bhatti [1905-1993] had worked in mid-1930s on the Council Chamber Lahore designed by the British architect Basil Martin Sullivan.
  • He inherited from his father creative versatility and the pursuit of excellence besides love for Gurbani and understanding of the great Indian art and cultural tradition. His father designed Gurdwara Panja Sahib Hassan Abdal [now in Pakistan] and Takht Shri Kesgarh Anandpur Sahib, and was a past master in Sikh Architecture [his article on this subject can be seen on the Internet], painting, sculpture, wood-carving, Indian classical music, and  Greco-Indian style of wrestling. He was for many years the Secretary of Amritsar District Wrestling Association. Dr Bhatti’s sport in school and college was also wrestling.
  • Dr Kharak Singh, the illustrious founder of Institute of Sikh Studies [IOSS], was Dr Bhatti’s father’s student at Baba Bakala in Punjab.
  • He has to his credit 2,500 works of Art, and 5,000 poems in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.
  • He has won over 20 national and international awards, including IIA [Indian Institute of Architects] Professor MB Achwal Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Architectural Education.
  • He has been honoured as a Veteran Artist by the All India Arts & Crafts Society [AIFACS], and appointed National Art Adviser for India by the National Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, Italy.
  • He has published over 700 articles on a vast variety of subjects/themes/issues in newspapers, magazines, and journals in India and abroad, and authored 20 books [out of which seven were published in America].
  • He was the official Art Critic of The Tribune for 20 years, and Senator as well as Dean, Faculty of Design and Fine Arts, Panjab University for 12 years [1984-1996].
  • Dr Bhatti is the highest qualified architect-educationist-researcher in India.
  • His Curriculum Vitae [CV] runs into several thousand words—to form one complete book!

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Creedal Insignia and Professional Logo

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