Creedal Insignia and Professional Logo

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This image carries my Creedal Insignia on the top and Professional Logo under it. My Credo built over several years of study, analysis, and reflection has taught me the practice of an unshakable faith in the intrinsic value of World Religions and their underlying unity, their rituals and apparent [often hostile] differences notwithstanding. My conviction has been reinforced by the Upanishadic proclamation “Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam”, so much so that I have become a World Citizen in my thoughts, Words, and Deeds to the point of discountenancing such notions as “Nationalism” and “Patriotism”. Seen in their quintessence all Religions seek to unite and are best represented in their elemental forms by the symbols by which they are easily identifiable by peoples inhabiting the globe, fondly called Mother Earth with its soul in Mother Nature.

These symbols are:

Hinduism: OM


Buddhism: WHEEL

Christianity: CROSS


Sikh Faith: IK OANKAAR

My CREEDAL INSIGNIA is designed on the criteria of the foregoing exposition. If you look at the insignia a little closely you will feel that the graphic forms of the stated religious symbols are so interwoven in the design that they cannot be easily dismembered from the mother design. The crowning feature of the insignia is the proclamation: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam”. Of course, the choice of their colours was determined by the imperatives of design than simple imitation.

(1)           The Cube (Ka’aba in Arabic) and the Latin Cross (the base-plan for a Christian Church) are, at bottom, two sides of the same divinity.  The Cross (the soulful symbol of compassion and sacrifice embodied in the Holy Person of Jesus) is Cube opened out (in geometry, the process is called development of solids) to its constituent six squares.  The Cube represents the Body and Mind: the Material Principle; and the Cross represents the Soul, the Spiritual Principle of human life.


Material Principle                                             Spiritual Principle

(2)           OM is the most popular and sacred formula, mantra, in Hinduism.  It is compounded of two vowel ‘a’ and ‘u’, and one consonant ‘m’ sounds.  It is written (rather represented) in Devanagari (literally, the script of gods—used both in Sanskrit and Hindi) as:

OM Symbol

 I call it the sound-symbol of Divine Creativity.  His discovery is its counterpart, a visual symbol, which is: Shiva Lingam.

The shape of the Shiva Lingam (phallus symbol) corresponds to the shape of the Nuclear Reactor.  The ‘a’ sound is straight, the vertical of the cylinder.  The ‘u’ sound is modulated, the circle of the cylinder.  And ‘m’ is closed (hummed) sound, the hemisphere atop the cylinder.

                The scientific explanation is that lingam-shaped Nuclear Reactor is the most appropriate container for fission (the splitting of the nucleus of an atom into two roughly equal parts : a process in which each reaction is in turn the stimulus of a similar reaction) because it puts the randomness of the process to an optimum use!

This discovery about spiritual realities is my breakthrough finding yielded by meditations over several years. 

And it came to him in a fitful flash of realisation!

(3)           The third symbol belongs to the Sikh Faith, founded by Guru Nanak (1469-1539 CE), and is represented as follows:


It is read as: Ik Oankaar. Numeral “1” precedes Oankaar—the Punjabi word for God. It means that GOD, who is omnipresent in all His creation, is indivisibly ONE. 

The Nominee’s discovery is that this sacred formula is the completest spiritual expression of

G-O-D (i.e., Generator-Operator-Destroyer), and is thus a perfect spiritual-philosophical exposition of Godhead.

Numeral ‘One’ represents God as Transcendent Being: One without a second, All-in-All, Self-Existent, etc. In His Transcendence, He cannot be known, much less accessed, by any means whatsoever.

Oankaar is God’s Immanent Being: manifest in Divine Creativity which is both infinite and eternal.  One can learn to sing His praises by knowing His language, which is Boundless Love, but never can reckon His infinity and eternity.  Learning to live according to God’s (inscrutable) Will leads to the acquisition of better and higher mortal vestures (bodies) in successive births for the soul, but salvation, mukti or nirvana, can be accomplished only by God’s own grace.

The inference is that human creativity becomes versatile via spirituality when the soul communicates with God’s infinite-eternal genius manifest in Divine Creativity of which Mother Nature is the best evidence and example.


My PROFESSIONAL LOGO is based on the Cube, a geometrical solid that has six square faces of equal size. When you open out the cube it becomes what is called a Latin Cross most frequently used in the architectural design of churches worldwide [See images given before]. You must have noticed that whatever else the advancement of human civilisation may mean a chronic ailment has crept into our notions of life on Planet Earth: We have through the centuries divided it into two extreme and rigid categories of Materiality and Spirituality, so much so that without knowing we have become incurable schizophrenics – split personalities. I cannot remember how but I certainly can remember that early in life, when I was in my twenties, my consciousness providentially got liberated from fragmentations into wholesomeness. This divine grace endowed me with a perception that we now popularly allude to being ‘holistic’ and I learnt to think, speak, and work with a mind I call an organic whole—and ever since I have repeatedly written and talked about it with dogged persistence much to the chagrin of my readership and audience.

This brief background should suffice to let me proceed to explain the meaning of my Professional Logo in terms of the symbols it employs to convey the metaphysics of an artistic creation.

The Cube embodies the quintessence of materiality and spirituality in its two states of being closed and opened out respectively. I have placed it on a corner to suggest the precariousness of balance that must anyhow be maintained to lead a normal [which, for everyone else including my friends and foes, is horridly ‘abnormal’] life. Such tight-rope walking, it should be conceded, cannot be successfully done without an eternal vigil [conscious pragmatic surveillance such as works even during deep sleep]. The next thing was to depict my versatility [spread over 55 disciplines] that I believe to be my life’s most significant achievement. I selected only three – Art [brush and palette], Architecture [pencil and set-square], Poetry [eye – Nobel Laureate TS Eliot, Father of Modern poetry, has called poet and ‘observer’, which persuades me to use eye as an apt symbol.

Cube has other symbolism too that stays put no matter on which face you place it: The base becomes the Material and the top opposing it stands for Spirituality – these two are resting faces, which means that notions associated with them are subconscious or passive. The other four standing faces, which are conscious and active, depict the four cardinal directions that form the matrix of what we now accept as GPS [Global Positioning System]. In my view, its need was there since the advent of civilisation although the gadget for common practical use is a recent invention. By suggestion, therefore, this aspect is a reflection of Credo as a Citizen of the World that is a mental construct of North, South, East, and West steeped in Materiality and Spirituality.

To this central figure I have added my initials – SSB – whose graphic portrayal is purposely made 3-Dimensional to substantiate my view that an architect, by virtue of training and temperament, views everything in a broad perspective to produce what I call “Holistic Humanism”. To underscore the fact that this is no ordinary artwork there is Sun’s symbol behind the icons. It suggests that an inner illumination is needed to conceive and construct such a symbolic Professional Logo, and it receives its light from the Creedal Insignia that sits atop it.

The artwork for my designs was prepared by Raman Bhardwaj, a spiritually evolved artist of exclusive creative merit. It is amazing that he could grasp the significance of the design concept with little explaining because this lengthy exposition I have written after a month or so when he gave me the final images along the design of my letterhead which uses these icons.