Insignia Explained

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The  PURPOSE of First Friday Forum and the Meaning of its INSIGNIA.

FIRST FRIDAY FORUM functions as An Art Nursery for the Propagation of Creativity, Culture, and Civility.

  • The Three Fs stand for: Fast Forward to Fullness.
  • There are Three Icons in the Insignia: The EYE, The EAR, and The LIPS.
  • They symbolise, respectively: You SEE, You HEAR, and You SPEAK.

This Philosophy is expressed in the following Quatrain.

Just sit down—and SEE

Then, HEAR, and mull

SPEAK you softly

And all will be well!

NOTE: First Friday Forum Insignia was designed by the Forum Founder Dr SS Bhatti, and artwork for it prepared by the gifted Graphic Designer Ajay Yashpaul, a graduate of Government College of Art, Chandigarh.